FUSS and the Debian project

Even if there are several commercial structures that offer completely free (as in freedom) software distributions, we choosed to use the Debian GNU/Linux distribution as the foundation for all our work on the FUSS GNU/Linux distribution.

One of the main aspects of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution is that is developed mainly by volounteers, and their work is guided by the Debian Social Contract. We choosed the Debian GNU/Linux distribution for several reasons, both technical and strategical:

  • Debian guarantees conformity to our choice to use and distribute just free (as in freedom) software.
  • Being developed mainly by volounteers guided by a social contract Debian is indipendent from every commercial and marketing strategies of a single company or distributor.
  • Debian, since it's developed by a community of developers, has a great adaptability and has less requirements for a huge customization.
  • Over 15.000 free software packages are maintained by the Debian project for his software distribution.
  • The technical infrastructure and tools of this distribution let the creation of customized version in a easy and flexible way, as demoonstrated by the Debian sub-project "Custom Debian Distribution".
  • The Debian Policy and the Debian Quality Assurance guarantees an higher quality standard which defines structures and contents of every single package. Also, the Debian Security Team give great support for security concerns.


All these has guaranteed and will guarantees for the future a great consistency within free software philosophy and a great development stability that any other GNU/Linux distribution can actually give.